Unleashing Sacred Masculinity

Whatsup Y’all, 

It’s been a long minute, and I’ve been working hard on publishing my first book, titled King of Swords: Unleashing Sacred Masculinity.

I want to say thank you for all of the support, comments, criticisms, and contributions (you know who you are) that I’ve received over the last couple of years while working on the book through this blog. 

The KOS blog will continue next month (don’t worry), and this is your opportunity to support my work while adding a great book to your collection. 

King of Swords: Unleashing Sacred Masculinity is available in soft-cover print and as an e-book through Amazon, Apple, Kindle, and other retailors worldwide.

Please share it with anyone you believe would benefit. 

Chapter 8, titled ‘Thoughts of Men,’ includes a compilation of contributions from other prominent and prosperous men such as Jack Donovan, Bronson Lee Norton, Tommy Caldwell, Joey Wargachuk, and many others who have influenced and inspired me throughout my life. 

As stated before, we are all on a different journey to the same place in the end, and we must keep our lamps burning to shine light upon the path for others on their odyssey. 

Thank you for all the support!




Ebook ISBN # 978-1777767716

Print ISBN # 978-1777767709