Robbing The Hood.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the tards over there on Reddit WSB have banded together and decided it’s time to stick it to the man. 

The market is abuzz with chatter. 

Papa Elon and the self-proclaimed autists are taking GME stock to Mars, maybe even Pluto; we don’t know just yet.

In Layman’s terms, these folks, who feel they have nothing else left to lose, appear to have figured out that the power of people will prevail when focused together, even when it’s all rigged against us. 

WallStreetBets has vowed to make hedge-funds and banksters cough up extra money on stocks they shorted, a lot of money.

They may have even bankrupted a few companies already. 

If the govern-ment (control-mind) bails these HF’s out, then everyone and their grandma will realize they’re in bed together.

Trying to take the last crumbs away from the starving peasants may prove to be the tipping point for the masses to awaken and turn their hungry eyes toward a common goal. 

No snowflake ever believes it will cause an avalanche. 

The Lamestream Media is out in full force, wheeling out expert after expert to explain to us why a bunch of people helping each other to make some money in the stock market is all of a sudden criminal. 

What’s criminal is passing trillions of dollars in relief money to your buddies while small businesses are crumbling, jobs are dwindling, and people are losing their homes, then you toss them a $600 stimmy cheque and say good luck.

Well, sometimes, a little luck is all you need. 

I can’t help but notice the symbolism in all of it; an investing app called Robinhood, which, ironically enough, was doing the opposite of what the stories of yore entailed. 

A company called GameStop, seriously, stopping the game.

Their slogan is “Power to the Players.” 

Sometimes it feels like we live in a weird video game.

As a Millennial Yoomer, I grew up on the original Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PS1. We had Electronic Boutique (EB Games), but I will always understand the value, community, and solace these havens offer in my heart. 

We have yet to see how much this will affect the markets, and how much of this may be engineered chaos, actual hysteria, or just FOMO.

If we use history as an example, before the last great stock market collapse happened between 1929 and 1932; investors were making money on everything, people were told there would always be returns.

We all know how well that worked out.

Hopefully this doesn’t get turned around on the little guy and used as the reason for an already collapsing system, or cover for an impending global famine.

As many awaken to the harsh reality that the world around us is propped up flimsily on a house of cards, the best direction for many may be to turn inside and find true grit.

It’s easy to build a simulated empire in the digital world, but can you survive if it all fell apart?

Funny enough, the Millenial Archetype is the Hero, raised on comic book legends, video game journeys, and pure imagination run wild.

The next Homelander generation following ours is the Artist, and we can only hope they choose to paint us all a beautiful picture.

Word on the street is they’re going after silver next, and if you know anything about the metal markets, it’s about to get interesting. 

Legend has it that silver kills monsters. 

It’s also an anti-microbial, which is excellent for cleaning out swamp-rot. 

In the old days you kept a silver dollar in the milk jug and it wouldn’t sour.

Pirates would throw a silver piece in their water for sea journeys, people with money ate off of silver plates, goblets, cups, silverware and survived the plagues.

Infants fed with a silver spoon have a much lower rate of gastrointestinal disorders; “Born with a silver spoon in their mouth”…. Get it?

Did I mention it’s extremely conductive?

The lists of usage both personally and industrially with silver never ceases to amaze me.

When you realize how much is devoured by humanities ‘green’ initiatives you can begin to understand why the price is ‘maintained’ significantly lower than it should be.

Buckle up, get your popcorn ready, hold onto your dogecoins and silver eagles with diamond hands and ride on fellow heroes!

Maybe buy some seeds too.

(Not investment advice – just some ramblings.)