Become The Change.

SKYE (43)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

You’ve probably heard the age-old term “one man cannot change the world,” and as accurate as this may appear in our reality, I firmly believe that one man can change a community, and communities around the Earth continue to structure the world as we know it.

Change is a constant in life.

Besides death and taxes, change is hard to avoid forever.

You can only adjust your sails as you move forwards into the sunset.

The definition of change is to make something different or take another course or direction. 

I’m not here to black-pill you into nihilism and tell you the whole world sucks.

I’m here to tell you that whatever your beliefs are, you can make a difference.

Change starts with you.   

When another person speaks of their trials and accomplishments, do you automatically put them down with discouragement, or do you lift them higher with words of encouragement?

What do you do to inspire the people around you? 

What can you offer your community that inspires and provides for others?

To help implement an exemplary change process, find a mentor or group that supports your outlook on life, and encourages you to be a more accountable, healthier, and potent man.

Spend a dedicated amount of time each week to conquering smaller goals that build on each other.

When meeting others, show respect, shake hands while looking them in the eyes, and maintain your composure.

Give credit where it is due, and appreciate your fellow man’s journey.

Attitude Of Gratitude.

When you awake in the morning, instead of reaching for the smartphone, take a few moments to be grateful for today.

Be grateful instead of hateful.

Smile, stand up tall, and take a deep breath. 

Then get started on your daily ritual/routine. 

When negative thoughts leak in, neutralize them with three positive beliefs.

I am alive. 

I am competent. 

I am worthy of Love.


I’ve spent time couch-surfing and being homeless with pennies to my name, but I’ve maintained faith that it would get better and have always remained grateful for what the Universe has brought me.

And it’s always provided or pulled through for me. 

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson.

Take time to hear the birds sing and the wind as it travels through the leaves.

Watch the sunset and be up early enough to see it rise again. 

Work hard and be honest, walk tall, and stay true.  

Appreciate what the Universe has to offer for you. 

Volunteer some of your talents and discover an incredibly humbling, rewarding, and educative experience.

Be more than an automaton wandering through life without meaning. 

Going against the grain of today’s plasticine society means having integrity, being fearless, and holding oneself accountable.

The moment you begin to do this, you begin to influence the world around you.


I learned some powerful lessons during my time in the military.

Wake up early, make my bed, train hard enough to sleep well every night, build unbreakable bonds with my brothers, maintain proper hygiene, remain functional, live minimally, and develop a respect for defensive weaponry and combat.

Ritual is ingrained in my mind.

Having a ritual or routine can help in life when you have a mission to accomplish.

There is also much truth in having a sabbatical each week. 

Use this sacred time appropriately to care for yourself and your spirit in ways that may be missed throughout the week.

Stretch, walk in the forest, spend time with your family, meditate longer than usual, shave, rest, restore, and be one with your Logos.

Companies and corporations use memorable logos to represent themselves and their ideas to the world. 

The word ‘Logos’ is Greek for “word,” “reason,” or “plan.”

Logos is the Divine reasoning of the Cosmos, introducing form and meaning to our lives. 

Remember your Logos before casting your energy (money, time, support, etc.)

Stay true to your higher self. 

Inspire healthy change.


“You ain’t a real lion if you love the circus.” – Atmosphere.

A lion that lives in captivity may benefit from free healthcare, free shelter, free security, and free food, but the lion who lives in the wild has his Freedom. 

When men imagine themselves as animals, it’s often the wild alpha-type, predatory, and dominant pack animal, such as a Lion or the Wolf, fearing nothing in the wilderness.

Yet, most of the time, they are lone-wolves, fighting against the system.

It’s vital that you find your pack.

Whatever you want to call it, tribe, group, club, band, circle. 

You cannot take on the Empire all by yourself.

Be an integral piece of support for the ones you love.

I’m rooting for you. 

“Be not afraid, just believe.” – Mark 5:36