Omnes Eodem Cogimur.


“We are all on a drawn to the same place.” – Horace

While you read this sentence, men around the world are dying with their dreams unrealized.

The average Western man lives to the ripe old age of 80 years old.

That’s just under 30,000 days.

That’s all you’ve got, no matter what you believe.

What are you going to do with it?

When you put it in that perspective, it changes your scope.

Moments appear more relevant, and your time here becomes sacred.

You can add a little bit of sand to your hourglass, by waking up early.

If you wake up at 6 AM instead of 8 AM, you will gain two hours of waking life each day – do the math on that, and it’s about a month you’ll gain every year!

That will help guarantee you a spot at the front of the pack.

You can hit the snooze button, or you can hit the weights.

You can sleep in peace, or you can get your ass out of bed and forge your path.

The choice is always yours. 


Honor the time you have on this plane of existence.

Fight for your dreams to become a reality.

Turn off your phone.

Meditate and create your vision.

Allow life to happen and come to you.

Either you’ll find the way, or you’ll find the excuse.


Every night before bed, meditate for a few minutes by yourself.

Be grateful for the day you have had, and write out a simple plan for the next.

It should include;

  • 3 things you are grateful for right now.
  • 3 Personal Goals to accomplish tomorrow.
  • 3 Professional Goals to accomplish tomorrow.

These can be small steps or goals that lead to something bigger.

Writing things down sets intention (basically magick) and begins a chain reaction, moving you further forward towards achieving accomplishments.


The Universe is a virtual construct.

Your body is a Spaceship in time.

The Pineal gland is your pilot.

You’re either awake and vigorously seizing every moment with awareness and gratitude.

Or you’re asleep in life’s waiting room.

A character in someone else’s game.

Wake up, and dream big.


Be artistic, explore the Earth, dream to the fullest, manifest your reality.

Go forth into this mystical world, embody your spirit, and be the change you wish to see.

Live for the here and now.

Unleash the life you deserve to live.

“Now’s the time, the time is Now!” – Led Zeppelin, ‘Ramble On’