Before You Expire, Inspire.

Recently I had taken a break from blogging and spent time enjoying summer.

Then Jack Donovan made a post about the amount of time we potentially waste watching the news, memetics, and apparently red-pilling the world around us.

Sometimes we need someone else to throw cold water on us to wake us up.

The internet is a useful tool.

We must be wary of ourselves however, becoming the tool.

We must ensure the key doesn’t become a cage.

Too much thought can often lead to little action in the physical realm.

The focus on negative world politics and events can overwhelm even the toughest of ‘keyboard warriors’.

My suggestion to you, and to myself, is to refocus our energies and cut out the deadwood from our lives.

Log, journal, set goals and smash them, maintain your integrity, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who consistently push you to be a better being. Hold yourself accountable to a higher standard.

Remind yourself of the short amount of time you have here in this plane.

Everyone will expire one day.

Be the person who inspires others, everyday.

Ps. Thanks Jack.