The State Of Wunjo.


The eighth rune of the first aett in the Elder Futhark.

:W:unjo is a culmination of runes that lay the foundation of a life worth living.

:F:ehu teaches us that much of our time on this plane relies on accumulated luck. The wealth that we create provides for us through necessities such as food, water, shelter, clothing, security, and applicable tools which help us progress forward. The perspective of wealth is a creative process that is constantly evolving; what we define as wealth may be very different than someone else; however the will to attain it is what we must master.

:U:ruz is the rune of the inner-King; the manifestation of all our desires. Through ritual,  dedication, and practice, we can stay above the waves of chaos in which we live. By eliminating earthly desires we reduce the negative energies that drain and lead us astray.

:TH:urisaz is the energy within us and our ability to transform this into our worldly desires. Representing Thor and his powerful hammer, this rune reminds us to approach every decision with enthusiasm; already realizing their fates, the Norse Gods still chose to stand and fight at Ragnarok. Your spirit must choose bravery and courage over fear and cowardice to realize your true destiny.

:A:nsuz speaks to us through the breath. Bringing consciousness and life to one’s body until the moment it leaves us, the breath is our connection to spirit. The throat chakra (Vishuddha) lies between the heart (Anahata) and the third-eye (Ajna). This is the place where soul meets body and we manifest our truths. The waters of the physical realm merge with the spiritual and we give life to our thoughts, dreams, and desires.

:R:aidho is the rune of integrity. When we live in the present moment we are telling the Universe that we accept our journey without fear. Although our gravestones may present only a name and date upon our deaths, the life we lived and the integrity we chose to maintain will live on forever.

:K:enaz is the torch with which we illuminate our path. How we utilize the tools that are given to us is what separates men from myth. Any high-stakes poker player knows that winning isn’t always decided upon the cards themselves, but how you play the hand.

:G:ebo brings back to us that which we give out to the world. The physical act of gift-giving at Christmas (often called :X:Mas) is a commercialized version of this age-old ingrained philosophy. Giving gifts has been known to break down barriers and stimulate progress in almost any interaction. However, with every action comes a reaction, and like ripples in the water, our decisions have consequences. In the end, we reap what we sow.

Nurture your crops to guarantee yourself a bountiful harvest.

When I meditate on :W:unjo I envision a banner flying high above a marching army; confident and practiced in their strengths and tactics.

Ready to liberate the world.

The State of Wunjo translates to harmony and perfection.

As joyful as this sounds, it is a state of attainment and the path is long and arduous. Many will give up before they begin, never realizing their ultimate truth. A few among us will forge a path of honor, ritual, and integrity to uncover a state of nirvanic bliss.

It’s said a joy that’s shared is a joy made double – happiness was born a twin.

When your cup floweth over so much that you may share it with others, you have utilized the power of :W:unjo and uncovered joy.

Fly your banner high and proud.

Find joy in your journey.