The Last Full Moon.


This evening marks the last full moon of the year and the decade.

A powerful time when the moon holds power over us and affects people during its peak height of influence.

The gravitational effect of the moon alone is much more than the Sun because of its proximity to Earth. This gravitational pull controls the tides of the oceans, and they respond by bulging or dipping as the Moon rotates around the Earth.

It’s worth remembering here that Mother Earth is 71% water and the human body averages about 60% water, meaning the water inside of us is also affected.

Ask folks about their thoughts on the full moon and you’re bound to hear stories surrounding this idea.

More emergency first-responders and police are generally on shift during a lunar event, and some people may seem a little ‘off’ to you during this time.

It’s also a lucky time for some, as a few studies have suggested that more casino lottery winnings are paid out during full moons.

Whether we may believe in it or not, the power of this force is undeniable.

As above, so below. 


The full moon in Gemini lands on 12/12 and is at its peak at 12:12am.

In numerology, the number 12 represents completion.

We have 12 months in a year, and 12 signs in the Zodiac.

Time is measured into two groups of 12 each day, signaling the completion of morning and evening, and then beginning again.

12 represents the result of 4×3; 4 Elements, 4 Corners of Earth, and 4 Cardinal Points.

When the number 4 is multiplied by 3 (the Sacred number of God) we end up with 12.

As 666 represents the Devil, 121212 has long been thought to represent God and creation.


Within the Tarot, the 12th card is of the Hanged Man.

Although he hangs upside down, his face shows contentment as if he chose this for himself, representing sacrifice, meditation, and spiritual growth.

The Hanged Man no longer depends on himself but offers his spirit over to the Creative Intelligence that runs our Universe.

He leaves behind material possessions and temptations, initiating a complete reversal of thought processes and one’s usual way of life within the Empire.

The journey within. 

This evening symbolizes change and a shift towards a higher state of awareness in oneself and one’s journey.

A powerful moment for expression and release of energy, allowing new channels to develop and flow within your being.

Tonight marks a perfect time to journal, record, and evaluate your life to this point.

What do I want to accomplish? 

Am I on the right path? 

Are my dreams reality? 

Change is a constant on this plane.

Like death and taxes, it is unavoidable.

All that I ask of you on this day is to allow your true self to flow.

Surrender yourself entirely to the higher wisdom that rules above all.


“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.” 

– Hugh Jackson Brown Jr.