Your Body The Temple: III


Exercise is your friend.

It’s good for your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and even spiritual health.

Legends of physically strong men pervade history; from the stories of Gilgamesh to the Nephilim descendant Goliath, from Atlas holding up the Earth to Achilles’ invincibility, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s massive muscles to Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s feats of strength, Russian wrestler Georg Hackenschmidt to the legendary boxer George Chuvalo.

These formidable men have carved a name for themselves in this world.

Their size and strength provide clear evidence of their ability to resist.

Despite popular belief, resistance is not futile. 

Consistent resistance training is one of the most effective, life-changing, and positive habits a man can instill within himself.

Looking out upon the world around us, it’s easy to see the abyss of habitual patterns that other men have fallen for and become trapped.

Hacking darts, chugging beers, gambling away savings, injecting unknown fatal drugs into veins, and snorting them up into brains.

Yes, even sugar addictions.

These are all spirit-destroying energies and patterns.

You can do better than this my friend. 

Resist, Consistently.

Men should be lifting weights at least 3 times per week in order to see results.

Lean muscle not only burns calories and boosts confidence, but it’s also very aesthetically appealing and assists your body in everyday function.

Heavy, compound lifts are the key to gaining dense muscle.

When you apply a consistent load to your body, you are relaying the message that this will continue to happen. In turn, your body releases human growth hormones and packs on muscle.

You give it no other choice.

That being said, proper form and technique should be paramount.

You wouldn’t build your castle on the sand.

The same goes for your body the temple; corrective exercises and stretching allow for freedom of movement and range of motion.

This is what you want to have.

A good foundation is essential to you moving up in the mirror-game.

During the reign of the Roman Empire, legions of troops conquered territories from the Middle East all the way to Brittania, now modern-day England.

They built roads, walls, communities, and military bases almost 2000 years ago.

The foundation they laid to many of these structures still exists today.

They have stood the ultimate test of time. 

Build a strong foundation and it will last.

You’ll be able to handle whatever life throws your way with more strength and confidence than you ever could without it.

Want to be big, strong and powerful?

Practice Resistance.

Resist the temptation to sit on your ass all day and stuff your face full of undeserved calories.

Resist the addictive comforts of a lazy life devoid of your true purpose as a man.

Consistently resist. 

Between being a monster-machine worshipping weight in the tabernacle of tissues, remember to allow time for rest and recovery, as most protein synthesis and muscle building occur after the workout.

There’s no secret shortcut or special pill here. It’s up to you to put in the work.

Muscle-bound mentors and programming perfectionists are out there for you to learn from and receive guidance. Informative videos on YouTube and apps that assist with accountability are at your immediate disposal.

Don’t make room for any more excuses. 

Whether you’re just beginning on corrective techniques, or suicide gripping your skull crushers after blasting through Zercher squats and Pendlay rows…

Keep it up and stay consistent.

Get a workout buddy who will call you out and help maintain accountability.

Dig down deep and find the motivation.

It’s your body.

Tell it what to do.