What Is Sacred?


Sacred is an ideology that spans generations, crosses cultures, and is intricately woven into our existence.

To the Amazonians, sunflowers were thought of as sacred, to the Vikings, feasting in Valhalla with the Gods. To the Inuit people of the North, animals such as wolves and ravens are deemed righteous, and for many Native Americans, the sacred hoop or medicine wheel is considered to be divine knowledge.

From rainforest tribes to theistic worship, we find ritual and symbolism revered among men. Sacred objects, runes, and tokens bring solace and confidence to a wide demographic of people around the world.

Sikh men wrap their hair in turbans, Hindus worship cows, Pagans celebrate the Earth’s constant cycles, Christians worship the word of God, many aboriginals still hunt for their food, and bikers consider their brethren, motorcycle, and cut to be holy.

Hell, even the primitive man probably cherished a cave and a warm fire.

Sacred is an interpretation, built upon a foundation of devotion. 

The sanctity of fatherhood. The eternal bond of brotherhood.

This connection that men have created in times before mirrors what we must strive to maintain in our lives today.


Traditional masculinity can be defined in terms such as protection, knowledge, provision, leadership, strength, and preservation.

This outlook towards life is demonized by the mainstream media and their counterparts. Men require influence and leadership from other, dominant, strong men who command with integrity in the face of hardship.

We need these role models now more than ever.

That’s what’s wrong with our society today. 

Fatherhood and male-mentorship have become incredibly suppressed.

As fathers, brothers, and friends, we must lift each other over and through life’s obstacles because as men, we have an obligation to each other within the Empire.

Those who wish to thrive and survive must rely on one another and work together to be the change they wish to see in this world.


Symbolism has an incredible amount of meaning and energy behind it, with the imagery being used over and over again throughout history.

The Valknut, the Trident, the Aum, the Cross, the Hexagram, the Pentagram, the Merkabah, the Lotus, the Vesica Pisces, the Toroids, the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life.

The list goes on and on.

For eons, these symbols have represented sacred intention, ritual, and interpretation to many people of various backgrounds. You as the bearer offer energy in a form of worship when these symbols are utilized.

We’ve all seen a stop sign hundreds of times and hardly have to read the words to know what it means. We obey for the most part, and in turn, it forms our actions.

This same principle applies to the symbolism that has been in use for millenniums.

Time + Honor + Devotion = Sacred.

When you honor a practice with time and devotion, you develop an understanding and respect for an idea that you hold in the highest regard.

For example, growing your own food would instill a sacred element in doing so.

Brewing a pot of tea every morning, from dried herbs you grew yourself while reflecting on gratitude may become very special to you.

The preparation, intention, and ceremony surrounding this act are sacred.

Sacred is a positive ritual that we create by the energy we give forth.

Many men worship symbols and corporations without realizing, paying top dollar (energy) and reinforcing power behind that ideology.

Some corporate entities understand the natural potential of these patterns; MasterCard, Audi, and The Olympic Games all utilize a form of the Vesica Pisces as their emblem.

Imagery has power, and our continued worship (consciously, or unconscious) upholds this idea in our realm.

What symbols, sacred or commercial, do you consistently stand behind?


When you arise in the morning, consider waiting to check your phone. Instead, practice an attitude of gratitude for at least one full minute.

Find something that you are grateful for today.

I like to turn my phone off and leave it in the other room when I’m sleeping. However, you can be tactical by putting things between you and the device such as a journal, weights, yoga mat, book or a pot of tea.

Your energy here on Earth is sacred. Treat it as such. Constantly checking your phone (especially upon waking) will fill your head with the dreams and aspirations of others.

Get your own dreams.

Carve them into reality by supporting healthy, daily rituals.

Be real with yourself before you begin scrolling.







These are your tools, use them to your advantage. Find a mentor or group that supports your values and hone these skills daily while practicing consistency.

Commit to act with integrity and instill the element of sacred into everything that you do.