Your Body The Temple: II


Continued from Your Body The Temple: I



Question Everything.

This is a must in our brave new world.

Sodium fluoride and chlorine in our water?

Corn that’s been genetically-engineered to release its pesticide as it grows?

The government food guides being manipulated and orchestrated behind the scenes by giant industrial-agriculture conglomerates?

What goes into your mouth deserves your attention, or at the very least some research.

By scratching the surface of the reality we in which we reside, you give yourself the opportunity (and power) to uncover some very dirty truths regarding what we’re instructed to eat and drink by the powers that be.

The ones who intend to govern over us indefinitely from their palaces in the shadows.

Mmm, the tasty truth.

Going forwards, encouraging a respect for our food sources and the vital connection that we seem to be quickly losing control of as human beings, is our magickal key to freedom.


For almost 6 months, I enjoyed some time spent off-grid, working as an intern on a farm in a remote Northern Ontario town. Throughout this experience, I gained invaluable insight into how our food is created; from seed to table.

We hand-seeded, grew, harvested and sold over 50 different varieties of organic vegetable crops, as well as organic eggs and grass-fed chickens.

The connection, patience, and understanding gained from my time spent here created dedication and respect for this practice.

It will always be considered priceless and ultimately sacred to me.

Growing food is often considered a ‘gateway’ to other spiritual and sacred practices.

Dedicate your energy.

Get your hands dirty.

Learn something new.

It’s impossible to be unhappy with the gifts Mother Earth provides during harvest.


Most all of the packaged food consumed in the Western world is now entirely owned by six major conglomerates; Mondelez, Unilever, Coca Cola, Nestle (whose CEO denies water being a human right), PepsiCo, and General Mills.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Without covering pages on this topic, because in truth we very well could, I will present to you an app for your phone that has proven itself valuable and convenient.

Buycott is a free app that allows users to scan any packaged goods, revealing the family tree or lineage of where the money goes, and what parent company owns that product.

If you truly care about voting with your dollar, this useful little tool will help you do that.

There are ways to maintain personal integrity within your Temple while continuing to deconstruct and oppose the empire from within.


Tracking your food intake is another powerful method to utilize personal intention and make strides in your progress.

Whether you’re trying to pack on muscle or lose that stubborn spare-tire; a food journal can work wonders in reaching your goals.

When you track something you do, you develop an awareness of action.

Anytime I begin with a client, they’re asked to complete an entire weeks’ worth of anything and everything that goes into their body.

This creates accountability and stimulates the process of change.

There are a plethora of apps out there designed to help you take charge of your nutrition, by tracking caloric intake or providing guidelines to follow.

However, I’ve always found the old-school method of writing it down with a pen and paper to be the most useful in recognizing where you can make changes.


Here are three easy tips to follow;

Eat Whole Foods

This is pure sustenance provided in a nutrient matrix, the way Mother Nature intended.

Cheetos and chocolate bars will never match the nutritional content of real whole foods.

Eat More Protein

Protein provides essential amino acids to our bodies.

If the protein was a brick wall, then amino acids are the individual bricks themselves.

These are the building blocks to life.

Eating more protein will keep you full longer, it requires more caloric expenditure to break down, and builds lean muscle.

Eliminate Refined Sugar

I would contend that almost everyone is addicted to sugar.

Don’t believe me?

Try cutting refined sugars out of your diet for thirty days, I dare you.

The first week might be tough, but if you can push through that wall, the benefits are truly endless.


You can easily level-up in your nutrition game by following a 100-Mile Diet.

Try to only acquire foods from the region you call home.

By eating locally, you support farmers in your area, vote with your wallet, practice sustainability, and cut down on unnecessary pollution to both your body and the Earth.

Many farmers are more than happy to discuss their practices and methods to eager customers because they realize the value of their integrity when it comes to retention.

All you have to do is show up and put your money where your mouth is.

Grow or hunt some of your food.

Go to farmers’ markets.

Vote with your Dollar.

Do some research.

Ask questions.

Stop making excuses.

Take control of your nutritional habits.

I believe in you.