Bread and Circus.

breadn and circus

“Slavery was never abolished, it was merely expanded to include all the colors.”

Charles Bukowski


During the late first and early second century AD, the Roman poet Juvenal wrote of a term describing the selfishness of the common people, and their neglect of wider concerns.

He called it Bread and Circuses.

It all began with a masterful plan…

Around 140 B.C.E, Roman politicians devised a strategy that would help to capture the votes of poorer citizens within the Empire. The scheme consisted of providing the masses with cheap food and free entertainment; turning out to be the most effective way to rise to power.

Keeping the plebs happy worked wonders for the Empire back then.

Fast-forward a little over 2,000 years to now, and ask yourself;

Has anything changed?

Welfare, needle exchanges and food stamps have seemingly become a tradition.

Switch on the boob-tube and all of a sudden your mind is pacified by organized sports teams, celebrity talk-shows, or some incompetent music awards ceremony we’re all instructed to watch.

Junk food is conveniently subsidized by our governments, who are in bed with corporations, helping to push their chemical-laden garbage upon the citizens of the Empire.

Games, apps and social media ‘likes’ feed our need for constant dopamine hits.

“Free Bread and Circus anyone?!”

“Just make sure to cast your vote for us and we’ll promise to keep you happily distracted.”


Meanwhile, within the Empire, we are constantly instructed to stand up and fight for our ‘rights’.

Rights that justly should be our own to govern.

They divide us with debates and inconsistent belief systems that are shoved down our throats.

Brother against brother, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom.

Yet, even when we’ve won that right to vote, own a gun, go to bed with a partner of the same sex, or ingest psychedelic plants in our living-rooms; We still know who we are ruled by, and who we must pay worship/taxes/tribute towards.

Converted Romans within the Empire were allowed to worship their deities in private, so long as they always paid higher respects to the Roman Empire itself.

Sound familiar to you?

The powers that be would rather have us fight and kill each other than shine any light on the truth.

People are much easier to enslave when they’ve made that decision themselves.


The path you choose to take is ultimately up to you.

You can turn a blind eye to reality and willingly gorge yourself on free bread and circus, following suit with the masses whenever an order is given.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

Or you can create your path.

Your true destiny.

Like Odin and his brothers Ve and Vili, creating the Earth as we know it from Ymir’s remains; on this plane of existence, your mission in life is to mold your world.

If you don’t, someone else will do it for you.

Break free of the empirical and mental binds which delude us into believing we’re merely here to eat, sleep, screw and scroll our lives away into a never-ending abyss of nothingness, entirely exempt from a life worth living.

Ditch the smoke and mirror show.

Leave behind the clowns and carnies to their misguided addictions and falsehoods.

Find your path and live life before it’s too late.

The time spent faking it is time spent wasting it.

You can do better.