Day of the Sun.



“This is for the People of the Sun!”

– Zack de la Rocha / Rage Against the Machine




The Day of Rest.

The Sun provides us with life and represents Masculine Energy (Action), commanding a powerful role in our day to day reality.

With a few millennia of recorded worship and eons of life-giving sustenance, all this praise for the Sun comes well deserved.

Earthly beings turn to it for warmth and planets revolve around it.

We wouldn’t even be here right now without it.

Monotheism and social cultures often respect Sunday as a day of rest.

The age-old story of Genesis tells that God created the Earth and all that is, choosing the 7th day of the week (Sunday), to be sanctified as a rest day.

The Incas worshiped the Sun God Inti; Controller of all animal and crop health.

Some Pagans worship the life-giving benefits at Midsummer, to honor the time at which the Sun is at peak potential and power.

When the Spaniards invaded the Aztec Empire, they found evidence of Sun worship, including giant sunflowers carved from gold. 

Even the renowned Roman Empire at one point pledged allegiance to Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) before Constantine spread Christianity across the Empire to ‘unite’ citizens under one banner.


Many humans of today often arise with the Sun and then hit the hay upon sundown.

We set our watches and clocks to its changes and movements around our world, while spiritually-connected people from many backgrounds perform endless sun-salutes.

Entire industries revolve around the Suns daily promise of warmth and endless energy.

Its steadfast importance among ritual and life on this Earthly plane is unquestionable.

I cherish time on Sundays.

I like to think of it as a sort of restart button for the next week.

Providing a day for yourself, away from the noise and distractions that can make up our everyday lives, is unbelievably important.

Even a few hours of your day, to take a stroll through the park, to meditate and allow your conscious mind to mold with the unending fabric that defines our material reality.

From the unseen to the seen.

Uncovering the space between all, where everything that is, begins.

Get up early.

Enjoy all the Universe has provided you with today; stretch, perform sun-salutations in the morning, read a book, lift some weights, perform self-care, give back to yourself, harvest and collect, listen to music, have dinner with your family, relax and restore.

Prepare to take on your journey at 100% on Monday.

Consistency here is key, as anything you do repeatedly can become ritualistic.

There’s a reason that incense and herbs such as sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, and flower offerings are burned in Cathedrals, Synagogues and other sites deemed holy.

It’s long been considered a sacred offering, with the smoke rising towards the heavens.

There is also a reason people are often paid Overtime on Sundays at a job.

Take note of the meaning behind this;

Your time is Valuable.  


Many people in society seem unable to relax, or do not understand the importance of collecting oneself in body, mind, and spirit. The lust for money or the newest technology fuels an addictive work ethic, where being the busiest person means you’re the best.

This could not be further from the truth.

Sit with yourself, let go of your thoughts, turn off your omniscient life-tool (phone), and let go of the distractions that surround and pervade our daily lives.

You deserve this sacred time of quiet, a place of serenity that you may always return to.

It does take time, but lucky for us that’s exactly what we have while we’re here.

Your body and mind will thank you.


Regardless of what religion or beliefs you subscribe to, it comes down to this.  

You are a physical extension of spirit, created in an image of absolute perfection. 

(Be)coming the best that you can be, in every arena.

That’s the goal.

Commit yourself to your self-care and positive weekly ritual.

Continue forward on the journey.

Enjoy your Sunday.