Your Body the Temple: I

water pic

The Human Body is one of the most magnificent creations on Earth.

With all we know and understand of it; from a cellular level to our movement capabilities, its a wonder that so many of us toss this to the wind.

In the Western world, and especially within the first-world, convenience has taken the place of functionality.

The Empire has inserted an infection of laziness within its culture.

Why would you take the stairs when the escalator does it for you?

Why cook your food when a host of companies will deliver to your door?

Why exercise when you don’t have to?

Your car drives you around, the stairs will move for you, clothing comes in 5XL sizes, and society is now very inclusive of however large you choose to become.

Why even move at all?

Just sit your ass on this electronic mobility device, get your munchies delivered, and lay down in front of a screen that tells you what to do all day.

Does this sound okay to you?

Man, hopefully not.

Throughout this chapter and over the next few weeks, I’ll be discussing different subjects that affect our health. From nutritional intake to exercise, and why it’s important.

My Grandfather always said; “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

I will choose function over convenience any day.


The first topic we will cover is an important one.


The great neutralizer.

A primordial element that guides creational mythology and developmental stories from around the world.

Water is essential to life. We all share it in common. Everybody needs it to live.

Many spiritual and sacred ceremonies take place with water as an element. Studying history and culture, one will find that water has a very special place in our lives. Water purifies objects and the body for ritual use.

Hindus believed that the people of Earth originally came from the Sea (a popular theory) and that bathing within the River Ganges cleanses one from any sin.

The Shinto of Japan believes in Kami that inhabit every living thing on Earth. Any rituals or offerings made to these Kami begin with an act of water purification.

Judaism speaks of ablution (washing of oneself), the parting of the Red Sea, and a Great Flood that covered the entirety of Earth (Noah and his animal friends).

Catholicism promotes baptism, and the story of Jesus tells that he walked upon the water.

Within Greek Mythology, Poseidon (Brother to Zeus), ruled over the Seas with his Mighty Trident. The Lotus-stream of the Boddhisattva rises from the waters of the soul, etc.

The importance of water within the very fabric of our being is without question.

Our bodies are comprised of about 60-65% water.

Our Mother Earth is comprised of about 70% water.

It’s interesting to see the dynamic between how we treat water in both of these cases.

If you’ve ever jumped into a fresh cold lake, surfed a giant fuck-off wave, or drifted along in a canoe under the stars, you can begin to grasp the power and magickal nature of this life-giving element.

Magically enough, our bodies require water for many different processes, from digestion to eliminating waste, hydration, lubrication, fat mobilization, and regular function, to name a few.


One theme I come across pretty regularly in the health and fitness industry is this;

“Oh, but I hate the taste of water.”

Shut the hell up and add some fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice.

Turn your mind off for ten seconds and have a glass.

The taste of water is life, remember that.


I recall a certain training exercise in the military years ago when someone had accidentally mixed the greywater in with the drinking water.

Our Sergeants made us all dump out our water bottles in front of them, as they too may have been compromised, and we were told we would each be given a few juice boxes to tide us over until a new water buffalo came in.

Holy shit was that ever a rough night.

Trekking through thick woods, carrying the C-6 heavy machine gun, extra ammunition, all of my kit, and no water to drink.

The apple juice quenched my thirst for a quick moment, and then it was gone.

The electrolytes kept me going, but my throat was beyond parched.

I can still sense the feeling.

That first sip of water was absolute bliss.

When something that you’re used to having all the time is suddenly take away from you, often-times that’s when you realize how important it is.


One common ritual I’ve learned from people who I look up to is to take a few moments every morning in the shower; imagining any stress or negative energy being rinsed away and off your body, cleansing yourself physically and psychologically as you do so.

Cold shower therapy, as touted by Wim Hof for decades, certainly holds weight within this conversation and if you haven’t heard of his message or tried it yet, do so now.

Anyways, we could very well sit here and discuss water all day long.

Whether you’re just working towards drinking more water each day, or so tuned in that you Kangen filter all your water intake and are in the know on Nestle’s CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe declaring that; “Water is not a human right…”

The point here is this, your body requires it to live and function at optimal levels.

Water, in its very essence, is Sacred. 

So drink up.