The Alchemy of Interaction.


How was your day today?

Was it everything you expected and hoped for?

What kind of energy did you send out into the world around you?

I ask these questions to trigger a thought process from you as the reader and plant a seed of thought for you to grow a garden with.

Lead, or Gold?

Which do you personally prefer?

Most people enjoy the shiny nature of gold, and for eons, it has been mined, harvested, shared, fought and killed for, worshiped, adored, invested, traded and dreamed of.

Gold helps our little smart-phones to operate and conducts electricity without tarnishing or corroding easily.

The shiny stuff essentially backs the financial system that we operate within.

Lead is mostly poisonous and alright for writing on a piece of paper with.

My grandfather used to have tiny lead soldiers as a child and these were the hype, but then later we found out they were harmful to children.

Alchemy is a term we often hear in books and writings, describing outcast men wrapped in cloth who inhabit desert caves, practicing a medieval chemical science of melting down base metals for long periods until they magically transmute into gold.

However, the Merriam-Webster definition also explains alchemy as; “a power or process that changes or transforms something mysteriously or impressively.”

Now, consider the interactions you have daily with family, friends, co-workers, customer service reps, and even people you pass on the street.

Does a dark cloud of animosity hang over you?

Do you complain most of the time, finding it hard to find anything ‘good’ in situations?

Does everything seem dreary and full of shit?

I understand how it feels because I have been there before, many times.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming a lead dealer, with all of your energy and offerings turning out to be poisonous.

It’s tough to turn this around and begin the long, arduous journey of self-discovery.

It’s even tougher to want to take the long road when we reside in a world where convenience and laziness run rampant.

Your energy can be legitimately be turned into gold, both tangibly/physically, and intangibly/metaphysically. You can generate gold with effort, and you can create an everlasting impression on others that reflects the same properties.

A really simple way of understanding this is the car analogy; most people in the Western world have been a passenger or driver of a vehicle at one point in time.

When approaching an intersection without much visibility, sometimes one car cuts off another by accident.

It’s very easy for both drivers to flip each other off and yell obscenities but imagine for a second what a wave of acknowledgment would provide for the other party.

In that moment it could mean the difference between road-rage and respect.

Consider the impact that you’re having on others. Think about the energy you are transmuting daily with your loved ones and comrades.

Take a moment to realize both the implications and impressions you give others with every interaction that have.

I have had interactions with others that made a lasting impact on me.

I can remember the exchange and lesson learned almost as if it happened yesterday, even from decades ago in my own life.

The point I’m trying to make here is that what you put out into the Universe today transcends time, and can have an everlasting effect on others.

An easy way to visualize this is to think of yourself as a bee, flying around and pollinating flowers and fields as you visit them.

Sure, you can sting other creatures and piss people off until they kill you, but your energy is better spent propagating and helping other beings in your network to flower.

If you still find this tough to do, then a suggestion might be to spend more time alone in meditation, and even a 5-second count before engaging with others.

This can help to be a trigger for memory and bring you back to the here and now.

Focus this towards helping yourself as a Man and other men in your ‘tribe’ or inner-circle around you. The energy you exchange with these individuals and groups is a very useful key to progression, and that’s what you should desire for you and yours.

You can choose to lay in bed all day and be depressed (in Canada, the government will pay you to do this), or you can get up and accomplish all of your dreams.

In the end, you can leave any witty combination of words upon your tombstone when you die, but you’ll be forever remembered for the person you were, the integrity that you maintained, and the interactions you had with the people around you.

It’s up to you whether you want to be remembered as Lead, or Gold.

The choice is yours each day.